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About EgyDes

EgyDes is an Egyptian company design and produce Egyptian clothes, bags and , jewelry, with identity of heritage (with all of its kind like Islamic, Coptic, Pharanoiac ,Sinai ,Nubby heritage )
We use high quality Egyptian raw materials to integrate the spirit of the Egyptian heritage with the modernity of the current era in designing and implementing our products

Our main aims is to prove that the Egyptian identity at fashion in order to occupy a distinctive place among the current international brands
Our products industry depends on integrating the handicraft industry with designs from the Egyptian heritage, which return back to us a distinctive modern Egyptian feature

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Crochet Bag Crochet
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65 L.E
Copper Chain Copper
150 L.E
Crochet Bag Crochet
180 L.E
Crochet Bag Crochet
50 L.E
Accessories Accessories

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